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Memorandum with Shymbulak Ski Resort


Memorandum with Shymbulak Ski Resort
Memorandum with Shymbulak Ski Resort post image

Mountain Resorts Development Company of Georgia, which manages four ski resorts in the country and Shymbulak Development, which manages the Shymbulak ski resort in Kazakhstan, has signed a cooperation memorandum.

Shymbulak Development "manages the Shymbulak Ski Resort in Kazakhstan.

This memorandum is intended to develop a partnership between the parties, provide informational, educational and consulting support, invite the partner to conferences, seminars and exhibitions and exchange a variety of information.

Irakli Tchirakadze, Director of the Mountain Resorts Development Company LTD, and Rinat Abdrakhmanov, General Director of Shymbulak Development, signed the memorandum.


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