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Ski Resorts of Georgia

Georgia is home to 4 ski resorts that offer diverse experiences for winter sports enthusiasts. These mountain resorts, including Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia (Svaneti), and Goderdzi, feature a variety of ski trails, each with its unique characteristics. These resorts cater to skiers of all levels, making Georgia a fantastic destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Here's a closer look at the ski trail levels and the distinct offerings of each resort:

In summary, Georgia's mountain resorts have ski trails designated with familiar green, blue, red, and black colours, ensuring that skiers of all types can find suitable terrain. Gudauri excels in providing advanced trails but also offers options for beginners. Bakuriani is perfect for those just starting, with opportunities to progress to harder tracks. Mestia in Svaneti offers a balanced mix of blue and red tracks, while Goderdzi focuses on accessibility and a pleasant skiing experience. With its diverse offerings, Georgia's ski resorts have something to offer every winter sports enthusiast, from beginners to pros.

Nestled in the stunning Greater Caucasus mountain range, the Gudauri Ski Resort promises an enchanting alpine experience, seamlessly blending awe-inspiring landscapes with exhilarating winter sports. Just a convenient two-hour drive from the capital city of Tbilisi, Gudauri stands out as one of Georgia's largest and most notable ski destinations. Boasting two distinct ski areas, Gudauri caters to a diverse range of skiers, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. The resort's well-groomed slopes, coupled with its reliable snow cover and panoramic mountain vistas, make it a haven for those seeking both adventure and natural beauty. Accessibility is a key feature, with easy connections from Tbilisi City and Tbilisi International Airport through various transportation options like public transport, rental cars, or taxis. What sets Gudauri apart is its reputation for challenging ski trails, earning it a distinction as a haven for advanced skiers. The resort's abundance of black and red trails provides an adrenaline-filled playground for those craving intense and thrilling descents. However, Gudauri is not exclusive to the experienced; it generously offers a range of blue and green trails, ensuring that skiers of all levels can revel in the joy of gliding down its slopes.
Bakuriani is a family-friendly ski resort situated 2,5 hours from Tbilisi. It's an excellent destination for beginners and families, featuring gentle slopes and various ski schools. As the oldest ski resort in Georgia, Bakuriani takes pride in its historic ski trails, dating back to its original vision as an Olympic village for athletes. Today, it gracefully transitions into a year-round destination, appealing to visitors in every season. The resort caters to skiers with its three distinct ski areas, while the après-ski scene infuses a sense of festivity into the winter experience. Bakuriani relies on advanced technology to guarantee skiing conditions are available even in less-than-ideal weather. Using cutting-edge snowmaking technology, the resort covers 70% of its trails with an artificial snowmaking system. Bakuriani recently made history by becoming the first venue in the country to host the FIS Freestyle, Snowboard and Freeski World Championships. This significant achievement underlines Bakuriani's increasing importance in the global winter sports scene. Bakuriani's unique blend of heritage, accessibility, and year-round attractions, guarantees an enriching experience for every generation of visitors.
The Svaneti region of Georgia is a remote and beautiful area of historic fortified villages dating back to the 12-13th centuries, high mountains, breathtaking views, and few people. It is home to four of the ten highest peaks in the Caucasus, which are covered in a deep snow from December to April. It is also home to the Mestia ski resort. There are two ski areas in Mestia: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi, each offering you the feelings of bliss and excitement. Hatsvali is a forested ski destination with four ski lifts and 7 kilometers of ski runs. Tetnuldi has more of an alpine feel, offering five ski lifts and 30 kilometers of (trail) ski runs and unlimited off-piste opportunities. Here you also can try heli-skiing. The resorts offer unique ski-tours, one or two day trips to take you to places that have never skied before, including overnight stays in the high mountains. Mestia offers a balanced mix of blue and red ski trails, making it a universal resort for various skill levels. The Hatsvali resort in Mestia sits in the middle, providing a comfortable blend of intermediate and advanced trails. Tetnuldi caters to all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts, offering an all-encompassing skiing experience.
Situated in the Adjara region, Goderdzi is a unique ski resort known for its proximity to the Black Sea coast. It offers a mix of alpine and subtropical climates, providing an unusual skiing experience with occasional views of the sea. The resort is suitable for both beginners and intermediate skiers. Goderdzi is the easiest resort among the options, with a shorter ski track. While it might have fewer challenging tracks than Gudauri, it provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for skiers looking for a more leisurely experience. Goderdzi's emphasis is on accessible and enjoyable skiing for a wide range of visitors.
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Gudauri Ski Resort - Photo - Rezi Kenia
 Photo: Rezi Kenia
Goderdzi Ski Resort - Photo: Rezi Kenia
Photo: Rezi Kenia
Tetnuldi Ski Area - Photo: Rezi Kenia